The Collectif

Collectif Curieux (formerly Carré Curieux, Cirque Vivant!) is one of the emblematic companies in the current Belgian circus landscape.

It was on leaving the ESAC (Ecole Supérieure des Arts du Cirque de Bruxelles) in 2007 that Luca Aeschlimann, Vladimir Couprie, Gert De Cooman and Kenzo Tokuoka founded the Compagnie Carré Curieux, Cirque Vivant! She quickly became emblematic in the landscape of the current Belgian circus and acquired international fame by touring all over the world, whether in the big top, indoors, in the street and even in churches.

After 15 years of existence, the company has evolved and wanted to change its operation. Always destined for circus creation, she wishes to open up to new encounters and artistic complicities. This is how Carré Curieux, Cirque Vivant! has metamorphosed into the Collectif Curieux.

Vladimir Couprie and Pedro Miguel Silva now occupy the general management, Thomas Dechaufour, Gert De Cooman and Gianna Sutterlet joins them for the artistic direction, while Elana Rillh is in the administrative direction and Laura Zanatta accompanies them in production and distribution.

In this house of creation, with variable geometry, they bring together their experiences, their knowledge and techniques to offer original circus works that transcend forms and aesthetics, always with this main concern: to offer emotions to their audiences.

Explore the diversity of circus techniques; through research and mixtures, moving away from what is expected to slip with simplicity towards innovation, these are the springs of creation of the Collectif Curieux.

The time is for collective listening, mutual aid and the sharing of experiences.

The identity of the collective is built on the diversity of the projects it proposes and will propose, as well as in those who carry them. Each carrier, project carrier will work in a creative freedom that is all the stronger as they can rely on the advice and resources provided by the other members of the collective. The action and expertise of the Collectif Curieux extend to everything that is essential and that we do not see, to everything that makes the life of a living work, such as administration, communication, production , distribution, technology, as well as the pooling of resources.

In recent years, the circus arts have gained a new, diverse and colorful audience. And this is no coincidence, because they offer privileged ground for accepting differences and respecting individualities. Values ​​that the Collectif Curieux claims, shares and sows.

Le Collectif Curieux is currently artistically co-directed by Vladimir Couprie, Pedro Miguel Silva, Gert De Cooman, Thomas Dechaufour and Gianna Sutterlet.
Alba our wolf-friend is an associate artist.
The Collectif Curieux is a company associated with the Théâtre de liège.
The Collectif Curieux is contract-programmed and subsidized by the Ministry of the French Community of Belgium / Wallonia-Brussels Federation, General Directorate of Culture, General Department of Performing Arts, Department of Circus, Fairground Arts and the street.
The Collectif Curieux receives occasional support from Wallonie Bruxelles International (WBI) and Wallonie-Bruxelles Théâtre/Danse (WBTD).Our creations (shows) are registered with The Society of Dramatic Authors and Composers (SACD).
The Collectif Curieux is a member of Aires Libres asbl Consultation of street arts, circus arts and fairground arts.