A new artist in the Collective!

It's back to school!

And as promised, we lift the mystery about the new artist who joins the Collectif Curieux...
Ladies and gentlemen, thunderous applause for our dear Thomas Dechaufour.

Originally from France (a little in the summits, a little in the West) and in no way destined for a career as an artist, it is by necessity to express an overflow of emotions and a permanent avalanche of questions by all possible means that Thomas turns to the Circus, Art of Synthesis and Burst.
Curious about everything and thirsty for experience, he has been tracing his way through the Brussels Circus landscape for more than 15 years now (CV available in several colors).

Through his work with the Compagnie du Poivre Rose – an experiment in Cirque-Théâtre – which he co-directed for almost 10 years, but also through his various collaborations with the companies 15ft6, Petri Dish, Chaliwaté & Focus and more recently in the skin of Jean-Paul Dance, iconic loser of the now famous Cabaret Mademoiselle, he explores the porous boundaries between genres. It is through the prism of humor and the absurd that he shares with the public themes that are close to his heart and fascinate him, such as human and inter-species relationships, ethics, moral violence, psychological fragility or prouts.
When you're curious, you surround yourself with curious people and when Pedro and Vlad offered to enlarge the Collective, his response was almost immediate (at first, an overflow of emotions and an avalanche of questions...) and it was "yes".